About Us

The Flerlage Twins website is run by identical twin brothers, Ken and Kevin Flerlage. Ken and Kevin have long careers in data analytics and are recognized experts with Tableau, having a combined 12 years as Tableau Visionaries. Ken and Kevin both work as consultants at Moxy Analytics where they enable people to solve problems with data. On this site, Ken and Kevin regularly share their data analytics expertise, with a particular focus on Tableau. To work with us, please visit www.moxyanalytics.com.


Ken Flerlage is a Tableau Evangelist and Data Engineering Consultant at Moxy Analytics. He has over 20 years of experience in information technology and data analytics, spending many years building analytics tools, data models, and dashboards to provide insights and enable better decisions. Ken is a member of the Tableau Visionary Hall-of-Fame, a title held by 23 people worldwide. Ken is also a Tableau Forums Ambassador and the fourth most favorited author on Tableau Public.  

Kevin Flerlage is a Tableau Evangelist and Data Visualization Consultant at Moxy Analytics. He has been in analytics for 17 years building analytic tools and dashboards to provide insights, manage workflows & processes, and address issues before they become problems. Kevin is a five-time Tableau Visionary, a title held by less than 31 people worldwide, a four-time Tableau Public Ambassador, and the third most favorited author on Tableau Public (out of 3 million+ authors).  

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