Famous Trees of North America

In honor of Arbor Day, which is next Friday, I wanted to post an analysis or visualization relating to trees. I finally settled on doing a viz of some of North America’s famous and historical trees. I chose to use a list from Wikipedia, which contains living trees only, some of which are estimated to be almost 3,000 years old. I’m not going to spend much time with analysis so I’ll get right to the visualization.

Each leaf represents a different famous tree. If you hover over the leaf, you’ll get more information about the tree, including its name, species, location, approximate age, and a short description. 

Note: I had this idea back in October and created the visualization at that time. I wanted to save it for Arbor Day, so I waited until now to post this. However, it unexpectedly became the Tableau Public “Viz of the Day” on December 16, so it’s very possible you’ve already seen it. If so, please have another look. If not, then it’s new to you!

Ken Flerlage, April 7, 2017

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