The Flerlage Twins YouTube Channel

It’s been just over six months since Kevin and I merged our blogs to create We’ve been humbled by the response all of you have given us and want to thank all of you for coming back week after week. That said, I’ve often wondered about the best format for delivering this content. When I’m trying to learn something, a written blog is almost always where I start. But I understand that people have different learning styles and some people prefer video content over written blogs. So recently, I decided to create a quick Twitter poll to see what kind of content people prefer.

I have to admit that I was pretty surprised by the results. Almost 57% of the 570 respondents said they prefer video content versus only 40% who prefer blogs. Kevin and I fully expected everyone to be like us and prefer written content!! So, after some conversations between the two of us, we decided we needed to start providing a bit more video content.

To that end, we’ve created The Flerlage Twins YouTube Channel.

We’ll use the channel to host blog-related content, video tutorials, and presentations. As a starting point, we’ve curated a collection of our presentations and created a playlist called Other Presentations, etc. This playlist currently contains 17 presentations from our Beyond Show Me presentation at TC19 to the numerous TUG presentations we’ve done in the past few years. In addition, where appropriate, we’ve embedded these presentations into the related blog posts so that you can choose between written and video content (or both!).

Finally, we’re also planning to produce more video content than we have in the past. Written blogs will still be our primary focus since that’s what’s gotten us here and we both enjoy the writing process, but we’re definitely going to try to address the desire for more video content. If there’s any content you’d like to see, then please let us know in the comments.

Until then, please check out the presentations and other content on the channel. And, as always, if you have any feedback, let us know.

Thanks for reading!!

Ken & Kevin Flerlage, July 20, 2020


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