My Iron Viz 2021 Entry - The History of Iron Viz


Well, Iron Viz season is once again upon us.  To be perfectly honest, before the announcement, I would have told anyone and everyone that the chances of me competing were 0.0%.  It's not that I don't absolutely love Iron Viz, it's because I just have so much going on, have a vacation this month, and I'm a bit worried about the potential of being on that big stage (I've had a couple of close calls).

Then the topic was announced - viz what brings you joy.  "Tableau brings me joy" I thought to myself.  "Iron Viz brings me joy as well.  How about an Iron Viz on Iron Viz - the history of Iron Viz?"  (That's so "meta").  Well, as you can guess,  that idea stuck and I could not get away from it.  I spent a ton of late nights in the first week because I became obsessed with the project.  

In the end, I used about 30 data sources and also interviewed or had conversations with ten people that have experienced Iron Viz in one way or another.  

So let's make it official, here is my entry into Iron Viz 2021 - Viz What Brings You Joy - The History of Tableau's Iron Viz.

Kevin Flerlage, June 14, 2021

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