Obscure PowerPoint Tips & Tricks for Dashboards

You probably already know that I love using PowerPoint for building graphics to be utilized in my dashboards.  I've authored a number of blog posts about it: PowerPoint with Dashboards, PowerPoint for Backgrounds, and PowerPoint Buttons.  Recently, I created a PowerPoint video for Autumn Batani's design series (click here for more information) and I mentioned the lack of "layers" in PowerPoint.  Autumn then sent me a video showing how to do layers in PowerPoint!  Whoa!  I had no idea!  

I, by no means, consider myself an expert in PowerPoint and Autumn's layer revelation really drove that home.  But it got me thinking about what else I didn't know existed in PowerPoint and so I started to dig and look for different features I've never used.  And boy, there were a lot of them.  

In this video, I explore some of these features that were previously unknown to me as well as a few other somewhat obscure features of PowerPoint that I've used in the past.  All of these tips and tricks are provided with the intention of utilizing them in conjunction with dashboards (both work and play).  Check out the video by clicking below.  I really hope you find this tricks useful!!!

Thanks for reading (and watching)!

Kevin Flerlage, August 9 2021

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