Our Top Ten Favorite Tableau Vizzes Ever!


This is the 300th blog post on FlerlageTwins.com!  Yay!  And to celebrate number 300, we are going to have a little fun.  It's a conversation that Ken and I have constantly - what are your favorite vizzes?  A few months ago, we had this very conversation (for probably the 20th time) and we decided once and for all, we would officially choose our favorites Tableau Public vizzes ever.  

In this video, Ken and I list and discuss our top ten favorite visualizations published on Tableau Public EVER (Ken's top ten and separately my top ten).  These may not be the "best" ever, but they are our favorites.  When thinking about favorites, it often comes down to when you started, who shaped your thinking, what was that first viz that blew you out of the water, perhaps a cool new feature blew your mind, and there are a lot of other reasons it could land in the top ten.  This is what I find so intriguing about making these selections.  We certainly share some selections, but most are wide ranging.  

We do have some ground rules, however.  1) We can't pick any of our own vizzes.  (I mean, who would do something like that???)  2) We will allow ourselves to include one of the other twin's vizzes IF WE WISH, but there is zero obligation to do so.  3) We are only allowed to pick a maximum of two vizzes from any single author.  We call this the "Adam McCann Rule".  4) We must pick our annual favorites each year moving forward, starting in 2021 (so look for that sometime in early 2022).  

So if you're curious, check out the video.

Kevin Flerlage, December 6, 2021

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