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The following is a very short blog post that addresses multi-factor authentication which will be required on Tableau Online by Feb 1, 2022.  This is basically a cheat sheet for admins.

Tableau Online is requiring Multi-Factor Authentication as of Feb 1, 2022.  In case anyone else might find this helpful, below is some background information, information about setup and an email template you can tweak and send to your customers.


Once set up, users will need to enter their email/password as well as verify with another tool such as an authenticator app.  Here is a list of the verification methods that can be employed: 

The following is the full article on MFA and it's requirements:


To set it up, log in as an Admin, go to Users, click the "..." next to a user, choose Authentication and change to Tableau with MFA.  To do a group of users all at once, click the checkboxes next to those users, click on Actions at the top, choose Authentication and change to Tableau with MFA.


If someone has an issue, an admin can reset a users MFA options so that they can start from fresh.  Log into Tableau Online, click on Users, then click on the specific user with the issue.  At the top, choose Settings then click the red "Reset MFA Verifiers" button.  


As I set up chunks of users with MFA, I have been using this email template.  It explains what is going on, what MFA is (in general terms), as well as what they should expect when logging into Tableau Online.  Some of this is specific to my company, but you can tweak it as you need.  Please see the Google doc for the full template.

That's it.  Just thought it might be helpful!

Kevin Flerlage, January 4, 2022

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