For Christmas, my father-in-law bought our entire family season passes to Kings Island, a huge amusement park in Cincinnati.  (Kings Island is owned by Cedar Fair which runs 17 amusement parks around the country including Cedar Point).  Kings Island has a lot of huge roller coasters, the most famous of which is The Beast.  The Beast was built in 1979 and ever since, it has held the record for the longest wooden roller coaster in history.  

As you wait in line for The Beast, wooden signs hang above providing interesting facts about the ride, its construction, and its maintenance.  The facts were so intriguing that I decided (of course) to build a viz about it!  When I started to think through it, I knew it had to be in the style of an interactive infographic. I thought the style of Endangered Tigers from Russel Spangler would work perfectly for this.  And it worked out great!

Okay, I'll quit talking and let you check out The Beast.  Special thanks to Nicholas "Cole" Jordan for allowing me to use his artwork.  Check him out on Twitter @spectralbeacon.

Kevin FlerlageAugust 15, 2022

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  1. Hi is there a data set for this VIZ? if yes, can you please email it to me.

    1. Yes, but the data is SUPER simple. I'd be happy to email you if you provide your email address.


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