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As a reminder, our Tiny Tableau Tips blog posts are comprised of tips shared by others on social media that we are just providing a more permanent home for.  For more information on how #tinytableautips came to be, check out Round 1.  In Round 5, we will be featuring tips from Vince Baumel, Whitney WoodBrittany RosenauElisa Davis, and Tore Levinsen.

1) Vertical Select

Vince Baumel on Jul 14, 2021: Here's a #TinyTableauTip you may not know about! You can hold alt+click to make a VERTICAL selection in your calculation window, then quickly indent/outdent a block of text all at once! This has saved me tons of time in keeping my calculations nice and tidy. #datafam

Side note from Kevin, this also works in SQL.

2) Insert Inline Calculations

Whitney Wood on Jan 18, 2022: #TinyTableauTip You can use Tab to quickly create/insert multiple fields. #datafam

3) Custom Numeric Formatting Calculation

Vince Baumel on Feb 4, 2022: Hey #datafam, want to see another cool #TinyTableauTip? Here's a single calc solution for converting a numeric string field (that may or may not end in k, M, or B) into a usable quantity! Pretty cool, right?

4) Copy Paste Unicode Characters

Vince Baumel on Mar 22, 2022: Who's up for a #tinytableautip? This one's a pretty interesting one, and it's about Unicode! In Excel you can press window+. (window key plus period key) to do a quick search for a symbol, then it's just copy paste. It's a pretty quick way to up your calc game, #datafam!

5) Drag & Drop Calc

Brittany Rosenau on Jun 15, 2022: Uh...so you can double click on a field to select, and then just drag and drop it where you want inside a calc window. How about that! #TinyTableauTip

Please note that Brittany has also shared a ton of great resources on her website. Check it out. 

6) Dashboard Size to fit the Tableau Public Thumbnail

Elisa Davis on Jun 17, 2022: #Tinytableautip if you want your dashboard to fit perfectly in its @tableaupublic "frame" 1600 x 1000 (or 800 x 500, etc.) custom fixed size is the way to go.

7) Excel's Text to Columns in Tableau

Brittany Rosenau on Aug 15, 2022: #TinyTableauTip - Text to Columns:

• Right click field > Transform > Custom Split

• Select Delimiter > Define Columns 

• Enjoy your new fields ✅

8) Beware of Data Source Filters

Brittany Rosenau on Aug 19, 2022:  Inherited a dashboard and can't figure out why your data looks weird? #TinyTableauTip - check for data source filters!  Go to Data > [your data source name] > Edit Data Source Filters to see what's going on.

9) Quickly Resize rows and Columns

Tore Levinsen on Oct 19, 2022: #TinyTableauTip If you find that your table is too small (and don't want to use "Entire View") and find it difficult to increase the size using the mouse; CTRL+ arrows (↑ ↓ → ←) will increase horizontally/diagonally!

10) Separate Legends for Measure Values

Tore Levinsen on Oct 26, 2022: #TinyTableauTip If you have several measures in a view, with "Measure Values" on color, the balance on the color will be across all measures. I.e. % will show now variation. Change that by right clicking on "Measure Values" on color: "Use Separate Legends" @tableau

There you have it! Ten more fantastic tips from our amazing community! 

That's it until next time. Thanks to all of the people sharing tips and thanks for reading!


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