The Trapped Knight

I first became aware of the Numberphile website when Andy Cotgreave, inspired by a Numberphile video on the Recamán Sequence, challenged the community to create it in Tableau. My brother and I took up the challenge and were both able to produce the result, though using slightly different approaches (See Two Approaches to Building the Recamán Sequence in Tableau). Ever since then, I’ve been an avid fan of their videos, secretly hoping to find something I could build in Tableau. That inspiration came recently when I saw their video on another number sequence, TheTrapped Knight sequence. So, I decided to visualize it in Tableau. I won’t explain the sequence here as it’s fully explained in the visualization itself.

I think it’s quite interesting to see the sequence drawn from step to step so I also created an animated version shown below.

Ken Flerlage, February 6, 2018

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