Pairing Food with Wine & Beer

Pairing Food with Wine & Beer

Although I’m not a big wine drinker, I recently saw an infographic that I absolutely loved.  The infographic was published on Winefolly.comand showed how to pair food with wine; check it out here.

This infographic was beautifully, but it was just that…an infographic.  It was a bit tricky to trace the lines back to the different wines and more importantly, I wished it was interactive.  On top of this, I prefer beer over wine and I wanted to do something very similar for food and beer pairings.  So, I decided to recreate it in Tableau to bring clarity, interactivity and also build it out for beer.

I opted to use curves in my visualization as I thought they would be easier to trace than the straight lines that used 90 degree angles.  I recently published my Curvy Bump Chart & Slope Chart template blog post and I decided to leverage it for this viz.  I built the wine chart, then did something very similar for beer.  I then tied the two together using dashboard navigation buttons.  I’m quite happy with the finished product.  Click the link to see the final result:  Pairing Food with Wine & Beer.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Kevin Flerlage, April 1, 2019 | Twitter | LinkedIn | Tableau Public

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