New Viz: Community Intelligence Modalities

New Viz: Intelligence Modalities

Check out my latest viz where I look at the theory of multiple intelligences.  This theory differentiates human intelligence into specific "modalities".  It does not specifically rank one's intelligence, but measures how individuals learn and perceive the world around them.  This viz looks at the various intelligence modalities through some of the most favorited authors on Tableau Public. 

Thanks to the following people for allowing me to utilize their intelligence modality rankings: Andy Kriebel, Ann Jackson, Ivett Kovacs, Jacob Osulfka, Jeff Shaffer, Josh Tapley, Ken Flerlage, Lindsay Betzendahl, Lindsey Poulter, Mike Cisneros, Neil Richards, Ratnesh Pandey, Robert Rouse, and Simon Beaumont. 

Click the image below to see the full viz.

I hope you like the viz!

Kevin Flerlage, October 21, 2019 | Twitter | LinkedIn | TableauPublic

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