FlerlageTwins Swag Shop – All Proceeds Go To Charity


About a month before Christmas, I designed some t-shirts on Teespring.com.  They were simple, blue shirts with the FlerlageTwins logo on them.  Ken and I gave each member of our family one, including our parents.  It was my favorite gift to give.


Since that time, my 11-year old daughter has worn that shirt about a dozen times and it has become her favorite shirt (it’s mine as well just because it’s insanely comfortable and looks nice too).  A few weeks ago, my daughter and I happened to wear our FlerlageTwins shirt on the same day.  I snapped a selfie and tweeted it.  It got quite a response!

Ken cracked a joke that some of his family doesn’t wear their’s and he should give them away.  Numerous people got excited.  Ken then said that perhaps we should sell them… tons of people jumped on it. 


So, we’ve decided to open a Flerlage Swag Shop on Teespring.com.  Each item will be priced approximately $5 over cost and all profits will be donated to charity (100%).  We want to keep it “in the community” so our intention is to give to charities that work with the Tableau Foundation or charities that are related to the Tableau Equity Task Force.  If you don’t know about these programs, I encourage you to click on the hyperlinks to learn more.  

Recently, the Tableau Equity Task Force launched a #datafam donation drive to support the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.  Check out this tweet from Sekou Tyler.  To help support this initiative, all proceeds collected from our shop over the next 12 days will be given to this charity...and Ken and I will also be adding in a kicker donation.  


Okay, with that said, we are happy to introduce the FlerlageTwins Swag Shop.  Here you’ll see the standard FlerlageTwins shirt in blue or white.  

You’ll also see silly shirts like “ß I’m With the Stupid Twin” and one that is sure to be a hit, “I am Keith Flerlage”.  

We also have facemasks and my favorite, FlerlageTwins branded fanny packs!!!!


Our hope is that we sell a few items and provide a little bit to charities that are helping so many others within the Tableau Community.  If you’d like to purchase a FlerlageTwins item and help out a Tableau-related charity, check us out.  And if you buy something, let us know!   We'd love to see it!  Thanks!



Kevin & Ken Flerlage

February 16, 2021



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