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Tableau Conference 2022 Presentation


Ken and I feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to present at the Tableau Conference on May 18 LIVE in Las Vegas.  Our presentation is titled "How to do Cool Stuff in Tableau" and will focus on tips, tricks, and techniques that we hope will help you in both your public and private work.

Our session was set to start at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, May 18, but we feel incredibly lucky to say that the session sold out and is currently on stand by (they will let a fair number of people into the session, you just have to line up outside the room before it starts).  That said, Tableau approached us one week prior and asked if we'd do a second session!  Uh...yeah, of course we will!  The additional session (which we will refer to as the matinee), will start at 11:15 pm on Wednesday, May 18.  Click on either of the images to go to that session within the TC Session Builder (you must be registered and logged in).

For those who have asked if the sessions will be recorded, unfortunately, they will not be (at least that is our understanding).  We do, however, have plans to present this at several TUGs throughout 2022 and will share those recordings.  

Thanks to all who have registered for our sessions and continue to support us.  We feel incredibly honored, humbled, lucky, and blessed to be a small part of this wonderful community.

Kevin & Ken Flerlage, May 16, 2022

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