New Viz: You Serious?


I love IronViz.  I mean, I really really really LOVE IronViz.  However, this year, I volunteered to be a judge.  As a judge, I made a commitment to not provide feedback on other IronViz entries (something I love to do) and I made my own commitment not to even comment about any particular entry or even favorite them on Tableau Public. 

As I started to see IronViz entries being shared on Tableau Public and Twitter, I got jealous.  I wanted in!  I wanted to favorite IronViz entries, I wanted to comment on them, I wanted to retweet them (historically I’ve retweeted every single one I saw), I wanted to provide feedback, but more than anything, I wanted to create my own IronViz entry. 

So, during that time, I opted to create a visualization of my own (with a completely different topic) where I would put forth all the time, effort and energy that I would have for IronViz.  So without further ado, the present you You Serious?” – an analysis of comedians and comedic actors in serious roles.  (Click the photo to go to the interactive viz). 

Kevin Flerlage, August 24, 2020

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  1. Once Again Master Piece.
    Any tutorial or helping material for the above ?

    1. Oh wow. That's so kind of you. Well, not really. I used Ken's equidistant Sankey template and the rest are unit histograms and jitter plots. There are some tricky bits in there, but no write-up just yet. Let me know if there are specific things you'd like to know about and I'd be happy to show you.


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