22 Different BAN Designs


Recently at work, I was building a dashboard with four different categories where each category would be represented by a specific color throughout the dashboard.  I decided to utilize BANs at the top to show some overall figures and also use it as a color legend.  I designed four different versions of BANs until I landed on one I really liked. However, I found it to be quite fun, so when I got home, I designed 18 more BAN designs!

These BAN varieties are BANs only.  They are not KPIs.  If you are looking for KPI options, I'd suggest you check out the work of Adam McCann and Luke Stanke.  

To check out all the varieties, take a look at my BAN Designs dashboard on Tableau Public.  If you want to understand how to build them, check out the video tutorial below.  

Note that several of these BAN designs utilize custom shapes that I built in PowerPoint and brought into my Tableau shapes repository.  You can download these shapes here.  If you have any issues downloading them, please email me at flerlagek@gmail.com.


Kevin Flerlage, May 24, 2021

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