New Viz: The Cicadas are Coming - a Collaboration with Jeffrey Shaffer


If you don't already know, the cicadas are coming!  Brood X is the largest of the 15 cicada broods (families) and they only emerge from underground once every 17 years!  Their goal?  Sing, mate, and die.  

I've experienced the Brood X cicadas twice in my life and it is an amazing spectacle!  They will be absolutely everywhere!  Because they are so fascinating, I considered creating a viz about them...but never really got around to searching for the data.  Then one day while at work, I was speaking to Jeff Shaffer and he told me he was working on a cicada viz.  He clearly saw my excitement and asked if I'd like to help him with it.  Work on such a cool topic with a Tableau legend?  Yeah, duh!  So we got to work.

I learned so much about these creatures and although I knew they were fascinating, I had no idea to what degree.  They are so interesting, from their lives and biology down to the mathematics behind their rare emergences above ground.  

Alright, enough background.  You can check our our Cicada viz collaboration here.  


Kevin Flerlage, May 7, 2021

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