One Calc Basic Beeswarm


Prior to the 2020 NFL season, I was working on my NFL Simulation visualization which was based on another data visualization that utilized a beeswarm plot.  My initial approach used a unit histogram, but I decided to try to turn it into a "modified beeswarm".  I had an idea of how I could use Index to do so.  The result was a "basic beeswarm" using just a single calculation and a few other  steps.  (Oddly enough, Ken developed his own method right around the same time - this blog post also gives a good background of the beeswarm chart).  

Check out the video by clicking below to learn how to create a one-calc basic beeswarm.  (Note that this video was created in April 2020, but is just now being released).


Kevin Flerlage, November 15, 2021

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