TC21 Presentation - Make It Better: Tips for Better Dashboard Design

At TC21, we did a presentation called Make It Better: Tips for Better Dashboard Design (click the link to view the presentation). This presentation drew from our experience, much of what has already been shared via blogs on our website, as well as techniques we learned from others. Below are links to the workbook used as well as the blog posts leveraged in the presentation.





Well, we are twins and we both have our own Tableau Public page...and we both uploaded the TC21 Make it Better workbook to those pages. So you have a choice, which one do you want to go to?  Well, pick one 😉.


Transparent Shapes

Brian Moore - Default Highlighting


And thank you for watching, visiting our site, and for all of your support!


Ken & Kev


  1. Hi Both,

    I have seen your presentation about make it better. I used the techniques for the horizontal barchart in my business dashboard about power consumption. Now the charts are much more sleek. Thank You!


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