Our Top Ten Favorite Tableau Vizzes of 2021


In December, Kevin and I did a video of our 10 Favorite Tableau Public Vizzes Ever. People seemed to like it, so we decided to make this an annual thing where we review our 10 favorite vizzes of the year. So, in this video, we’re going to be sharing our favorites of 2021.


As we said last time, these may not be objectively the "best" of 2021, but they are our favorites. Generally speaking, they are all quite good visualizations, but they are our favorites for any number of different reasons. Perhaps they really resonated with us for some reason; or they had an impact on us personally; or they allowed us to learn something really interesting; or maybe they were novel in the use of some new feature or style. This is what we find so intriguing about making these selections—the reasons vizzes make our list are so wide-ranging.


Unlike our all-time favorites, we won’t be sharing our own top 10 lists—rather, we’ve agreed on one top 10 list (Kevin and I agree on a lot, but believe me when I tell you that this took a long time for us to agree on!!)


Of course, we do have some ground rules:


1) Data Visualizations Only – Throughout the year, people create some absolutely amazing and incredibly useful instructional workbooks on Tableau Public. We love these so much, but for this list we will be focusing on “pure” data visualizations only.


2) No Flerlages – We can't pick any of our own vizzes or each other’s.


3) Adam McCann Rule – We are only allowed to pick a maximum of two vizzes from any single author. We referred to this as the "Adam McCann Rule" previously, but for 2021, we might need to call it the “Brian Moore Rule” as he had so many vizzes that could have made our top 10.


With that out of the way, check out the video below. And thanks for joining us!



Ken Flerlage, February 8, 2022

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