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Tiny Tableau Tips - Round 2


This is the second round of Tiny Tableau shared by others on social media and I'm just providing a more permanent home.  For more information, check out Round 1 of tips.  In Round 2, we will be featuring tips from just two folks, Jared Duquette and, of course, Vince Baumel.

#1 Swapping Measures with a Parameter

Vince Baumel on Jan 28, 2019: I know a lot of my #tinytableautip posts use parameters, but here's one of the very first ones I ever learned. Hopefully, it can help someone who may be new to #Tableau since it's a technique I still use all the time! Parameter-driven measure selection can be a piece of cake.

#2 Determining Leap Years

Vince Baumel on Feb 5, 2019: Time for another #tinytableautip everyone! Have you ever wanted a calculation that determined whether a given year was a leap year? Here you go! Modulo to the rescue!

#3 Unicode Characters 

Vince Baumel on Feb 11, 2019:  Here's a nice simple #tinytableautip for today. Did you know you can use Unicode symbols anywhere you have text in Tableau? Some of the most common ones I use are filled triangles and arrows. Here's an easy website to copy-paste them wherever you need! 

#4 Add Reference Line More Easily 

Vince Baumel on Feb 18, 2019: Here's a #tinytableautip for everyone: not sure where to drop "reference line" from the analytics pane? Make it easier on yourself! Just right click the axis and choose Add Reference Line. Simple as that!

#5 Alias In/Out for Sets

Vince Baumel on Mar 6, 2019: There's been some chatter about #TinyTableauTip recently, so I thought it was a good time to share another one! Sets are a great way to break your data up into groups, but did you know that you can re-alias the in/out for each? Really helps keep it clean and easy to understand!

#6 Quick Help Menu

Jared Duqeuette on Mar 13, 2019: #TinyTableauTip back again! Ever wanted to make a quick help or explain hover-over like the pros?  Say no more @tableau #DataFam, watch this quick gif to amp up your pro status!  Go-go-gadget: Viz-Explain!

#7 Change Card Directly

Jared Duqeuette on Mar 29, 2019: Struggle with click-n-drag accuracy with mark types?  Fret not @tableau #DataFam, you can click and select your mark type with ease. Slay that #DragonDrop monster with this #TinyTableauTip

#8 Dual Axis Layering

Vince Baumel on Apr 9, 2019: Not sure if this ever trips up anyone else, but this is a reminder of the layer ordering when doing a dual axis in Tableau. #tinytableautip I guess?

#9 Testing Calculations

Vince Baumel on Apr 10, 2019: Let's do another #tinytableautip! I just used this one earlier today. You can drag portions of your calculation onto buttons or shelves to test individual portions of it. I saw @VizPainter pull this one off in a presentation once and loved it!

#10 Date Filters and Browse Periods

Vince Baumel on Apr 16, 2019: #TinyTableauTip time! Did you know that you can set your date filters to browse periods? Super slick! Give it a try!

Okay, that's ten Tiny Tableau Tips.  We'll be back with Round 3 of the series soon.  Thanks to all the folks that contributed tips using this hashtag over the years!


Kevin Flerlage, September 13, 2022

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