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Update June 10, 2024: We were so blown away by the response to this training. Within a week, we had over 100 people hold their seats!! We've now finalized the pricing for the course and still have room for you to join us. If you're interested in participating, please sign up today! You can register here: Flerlage Twins and Moxy Analytics Advanced Tableau Bootcamp 


We love to teach people how to use Tableau. Prior to joining Moxy Analytics, we taught people via blogs, presentations, the Community Forums, and conversations on social media for several years. One of the first things we did at Moxy Analytics was to design a beginner bootcamp so that we could provide a more end-to-end training experience. In the past year, we’ve had the privilege of offering that training several times to both public and private audiences.



But we’re also known for teaching some of the more advanced capabilities of Tableau—things like data densification, advanced charts such as sankeys, advanced data modelling, innovative dashboard designs, and advanced calculated fields—topics that are too advanced for a beginner bootcamp. Since we first announced our beginner training, many people have requested a course that dives into these more advanced topics, so…


We are excited to finally announce that we are now offering an Advanced Tableau Bootcamp!!!!



Like our beginner bootcamp, this training will be made available both publicly and to private audiences. Our first public training is scheduled for September 17 – September 26 (for more details or to register, see Advanced Tableau Bootcamp: Visualizing Data the Flerlage Way)


Advanced Tableau Bootcamp

While there is no shortage of great introductory Tableau courses, advanced courses, on the other hand, are not easy to find. We feel that our course is one of a kind. We’ll teach you how to build advanced charts and maps, advanced dashboard development, parameter actions, sets/set control/set actions, advanced data modeling, advanced calculated fields, Tableau Prep, workbook performance optimization, and tons of great tips and techniques.


The course contains a whopping 21 hours of content provided over the course of six 3.5-hour sessions. Our goal is to take you from intermediate to advanced as quickly as possible (though that will also require a bit of practice on your part 😉). Here’s an outline of the topics covered:


Non-Standard Charts

How to build non-standard charts including BANs & KPIs, Slope Chart, Dot Plot, Histograms, Dumbbell, Gantt, and Donut.


Advanced Mapping

How to work with map projections, spatial files, map layers, hex maps, and spatial functions.


Advanced Dashboard Development

How to work with containers, collapsible containers, dynamic zone visibility, navigation buttons, download buttons, animations, and viz-in-tooltip.


Parameter & Parameter Actions Deep Dive

How to use dynamic parameters, use parameters across data sources; how to use parameter actions, including common use cases.


Sets, Set Control, and Set Actions

How and when to use sets; set control and its use cases; set actions and their use cases.


Advanced Data Modeling

Basics of data warehousing and dimensional modeling, deep dive into relationships vs joins, the differences between the logical and physical layers, how to use custom SQL, and how and when to use a date dimension.


Tableau Prep Builder

The limits of Tableau Desktop and why and when to use Prep Builder instead; cleaning, joining, unioning, aggregating, pivoting, and outputting data; common data modeling scenarios; advanced features and calculations.


Advanced Calculated Fields

Introduction to the viz level-of-detail and how it impacts calculations, then learn how to use Level of Detail (LOD) calculations and table calculations and how they are similar and different; plus tips for writing complex calculated fields.


Advanced Charts

Going “Beyond Show Me” to create any chart you can imagine; learn the basics of plotting X & Y coordinates, then integrate geometry and trigonometry to create charts such as radial bar charts and radar charts; then learn the basics of data densification and sankeys.


Design Techniques & Tips

Learn some best practices for charts and design, along with several tips and techniques for better dashboard designs, and how to add that final “polish” to your workbooks.


Workbook Performance Optimization

How to optimize the performance of your data sources and how to choose the right data model; optimizing performance of sheets and dashboards, as well as calculated fields.


Essential Techniques, Tricks, & Hacks

We’ll leave you with a session sharing some of our most frequently used and most loved techniques, tips, and hacks.



We are so excited to finally make this course available. If you’re interested, then please check out our registration page. There is an option to hold your seat an pay later. Soon, we'll provide more details on the actual cost. 

And, if your company is looking for private training, let us know—we can build a fully-customized training to best meet the needs of your team.

Thanks for all your support over the years! We hope to see some of you in class soon!


Ken & Kevin Flerlage, May 6, 2024


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