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Create a Tableau Table of Contents (and make it Dynamic too!)


When COVID struck, Unemployment claims skyrocketed.  In order to get a better handle on the unemployment situations, my company asked me to build an Unemployment Dashboard.  When finished, it was 18 dashboards.  I personally thought the best way to allow it to be navigated was via a clickable table of contents.  The table of contents looked like the following.  To navigate to a dashboard, you simply clicked on the on the image.  

The community reacted very positively toward this dashboard, it currently has 130 favorites, and even Tableau shared it on Twitter and LinkedIn.  But the most positive responses were in relation to the table of contents.  Because of that, I figured I should share how I did it.  

In this video, I'll show you how to create a table of contents like I did in my Unemployment viz and I even show you how to make the charts in the table of contents completely dynamic - they'll update with your data.  Check out the video below.  

Thanks for reading and watching!  

Kevin Flerlage, September 8, 2020

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  1. Hi guys, great resource. How would you be able to apply this same technique but linking to dashboards in different workbooks?

    1. Use could use images with a URL link to the other dashboard or you could use shapes with a URL action to the other dashboard. In both cases, just create a dashboard with images/shapes that link to other dashboards. I do this very often at work. Here is an example on my Tableau Public page:


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