IN Operator Generator & Case Statement Generator Improvements


In late December, I created and shared my Case Statement Generator.  I provided a simple excel document that would allow you to build long case statements very quickly with no need to type out every quote and every WHEN & THEN.  It received an incredible response – thank you!


Just recently, Tableau released version 2020.3, which includes a highly anticipated feature, the IN Operator.  I’m certainly excited for this!  However, the IN Operator has a similar problem to the Case Statements…all the syntax that goes along with it.  So I have modified my Case Statement Generator to also include an IN Operator Generator. 


In addition, I have updated the Case Statement Generator to allow for both quoted and unquoted values (I originally only allowed for quoted values).  This applies both case statements and IN Operator statements. 


You can download the new and improved Case Statement & IN Operator Generator here.  (If you have any issues downloading it, please email me at  Instructions are contained within the Excel spreadsheet.  Additional instructions are contained within my original blog post. 


Let me know what you think J.


Kevin Flerlage, September 21, 2020

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