We are Joining Moxy Analytics


Today is an exciting day for Ken and I. You may have seen our posts on social media last week that we happened to have both resigned from our current roles on the same day. The reason for this is not because we were unhappy. In fact, we both really loved the companies that we worked for (Unifund and Bucknell University) and would highly recommend them to anyone. The reason we did so is that we are making a joint move (together) into Tableau consulting.

Ken and I have been talking about this for about a year (the full, and hilarious, back story will be shared in the near future via Tableau User Groups and Tableau Conference). The one key was that whatever move we make, we make that move together—him and I, a team! We live eight hours apart, but we talk Tableau everyday and we wanted to finally pull the trigger to work on the same team and the same projects.

With all of that said, we are super excited to announce that we are joining Moxy Analytics!!! Moxy is the undisputed, pound-for-pound greatest analytics company in the world (okay I added that piece myself). 

Moxy is operated by two incredibly talented and experienced women, Laura Madsen (author of Disrupting Data Governance) and Serena Roberts (five-time Tableau User Group Ambassador). And I have to say that, on LinkedIn, Serena has the greatest title in the history of the world!!! You really need to go check it out yourself! Moxy has a super talented team and we are both extremely excited to be joining them.

So what services does Moxy provide? Well, I’m a company man, so I must insist that you check out the Moxy Analytics website. But to make it easy on you, I’ve included a screenshot of Moxy’s services below. 

And what will Ken and I be doing? Well, naturally, our work will be focused on Tableau, Dashboard Design, Analytics, and Training. Check out our services here. We also plan to provide our services in a number of ways outside of the normal consulting channels—ways that you can interact with us for long engagements or for just a short zoom call. Below is a short overview:

Some people have also asked us what will happen to the Flerlage Twins website. And the good news is that nothing will change! We still plan to provide very regular content in the forms of blog posts, videos, and Tableau Public vizzes and all of that content will remain completely free.  

So that’s it!  That’s the big one!

We are extremely excited and humbled to be joining this incredible team. So if you need some quick help with a technical problem that has you pulling your hair out or need significant capacity for designing a suite of Tableau dashboards, please reach out to us directly or contact Moxy on their website.

One last thing before we go, we want to thank all of you for all the support over the years. We cannot thank you enough for your kind words, comments, and for visiting our site as often as you do! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Kevin Flerlage & Ken Flerlage, March 13, 2023



  1. Congrats guys! This site has been my go to source of inspiration/ art of the possible... best of luck on the new gig and most important... thanks for keeping the site up, it is heavily referenced for many!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and the well wishes. We are gonna keep posting blogs regularly!

  2. Terrific news and congratulations on the move to you both. Decisions like this are never easy, but you both will definitely land on your feet with this and anchor the company's goals (and your own). They're very lucky to have you both on their team. So, I expect to see more moxie....(see what i did there!). Best, D

    1. Thanks so much, Don...we really appreciate it. And we are very lucky to be joining them. And yeah, I see what you did there :)


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