Tableau Conference 2023 Presentation


Ken and I feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to present at the Tableau Conference LIVE in Las Vegas in early May.  Our presentation is titled "How to do Cool Stuff in Tableau - 2023" and will focus on tips, tricks, and techniques that we hope will help you in both your public and private work. The structure is similar to our TC22 presentation, but with completely new content!

The schedule builder is now live and we will be doing this presentation twice at the conference. Below are the details.

If you want to attend, please click the heart icon at the top-right to favorite the session and click the Add to Agenda button to add it to your schedule.  Please keep in mind that sessions are first come, first seated so get there early. In addition, our presentation will be available virtually on Salesforce+

Thanks to all who have already favorited it and plan to attend our session, as well as for the continued support.  We feel incredibly honored, humbled, lucky, and blessed to be a small part of this wonderful community.


Kevin & Ken


  1. Where can I find the US map with HI and AK built in you mentioned at the conference?

    1. You can find them here:


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