New Viz: Serial Killers & Their Victims


Like many people, I've always been incredibly fascinated by serial killers. This probably started when I was 15 and Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested. Nobody could understand how someone could do that to another human being. Over the past 5 or 6 years, I've read and listened to just about anything I can on the topic. (I'm also very interested two other topics and often tell people that if it's about serial killers, cocaine, or cults, I'm gonna watch it).

A couple years ago I came across the 2020 Radford/FGCU Annual Report on Serial Killer Statistics. This report is loaded with interesting statistics about serial killers and their victims and I started exploring how I might visualize. That never came to fruition as I was continually concerned about how I might visualize this in a way that is sensitive to the fact that thousands of people have lost their lives at the hands of serial killers - real people. So I tabled it.

Recently, I decided to pick it back up and decided that I could do this in a sensitive way, not including red as a central color, images of bloody knives, etc. I figured I could build it as business dashboard that simply stated the facts. And that's what I did. And boy there are some really interesting things. You can check out the dashboard here or click the image below...and here's a spoiler, it does have a relatively happy ending.

One other note, you'll see a pie chart / bar chart combination used over and over in this dashboard. In two weeks, I'll be sharing why I think this combination is such an incredibly powerful visual and how to build it in Tableau. 

Thanks for checking it out.

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Kevin Flerlage,August 28, 2023

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  1. Hi, this is a great dashboard, thanks for sharing!

    (ps. I couldn't but notice a typo in Victims Age (US Only) card -> hover text says 'of total serial killers'. )

    1. Ah, great catch. Thank you. I'm fixing it now. :)


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