Vote for Kevin in the 2023 Information is Beautiful Awards


Kevin has been shortlisted in the Information is Beautiful Awards and we need your vote!!

Before we get to those details, let's talk a bit about the awards. The Information is Beautiful Awards (IIB) is a prestigious competition that celebrates excellence in data visualization and information design. It was founded with the aim of recognizing and showcasing outstanding work in the field of data visualization, where complex information is transformed into visually engaging and informative displays.

Since its inception, the Information is Beautiful Awards has become a renowned platform for designers, artists, and data enthusiasts to submit their innovative and creative projects. The awards program has evolved over the years, attracting submissions from all corners of the globe, from any medium, and has grown in prominence as a hub for the best in data visualization.

Throughout its history, the Information is Beautiful Awards has consistently pushed the boundaries of data communication, inspiring professionals and enthusiasts alike to explore new ways of presenting data-driven stories. The competition's commitment to promoting excellence in information design has solidified its reputation as a prestigious and influential event in the world of data visualization. For more information, check out their website.

Each year, IIB trims all entries down to a "longlist" (Kevin and I have had dozens of entries in the longlist in the past). IIB then trims the longlist down to a "shortlist" of finalists.  A panel of judges then chooses the winners from the shortlist. Each finalist gets to attend a gala where winners are announced. Through last year, we'd only seen a handful of visualizations built in Tableau make it to the shortlist. This year, Kevin made it to the shortlist!!!

Although judges will choose the winners, there is a "fan favorite" community vote. Each member of the community can vote once in each category. If you like Kevin's entry, please vote. if you prefer another entry, please vote for that. But we certainly encourage you to help bring home some gold for our favorite tool, Tableau.  

To vote, simply go to your favorite visualization and click the vote button at the top/right. I've provided a link to Kevin's entry if you would like to vote for him. Thanks in advance!

Ken Flerlage, September 25, 2023

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