TC22: How to do Cool Stuff in Tableau


At TC22, we presented "How to do Cool Stuff in Tableau".  This presentation was a mix of tips, tricks, and techniques that can be applied to business or pleasure.  Below are a list of blog posts related to that content.  

Kevin's Workbook

Ken's Workbook

Transparent Shapes & Images

Transparent Color

Unicode Blank

How to Build Lovely Histograms in Tableau



Tableau Set Control Part 1: The Basics


Lindsay Betzendahl - Unicode Blank for Navigation Buttons (

Table Calcs from LODs


Jonathan Drummey - Create a Comma-Separated List


20 Uses for Tableau Level of Detail Calculations (LODs)

Don Wise - An Introduction To Tableau Regular Expressions (REGEX)

Jonathan Drummey - Calculated Field for More Flexible Bins

Datafam Colors: A Tableau Color Palette Crowdsourcing Project

The Tableau Order of Operations

4 Tips for Writing Complicated Tableau Calculations

Shaun Davis - Create a Hex Map in Tableau without Data Blending

Filippos Lymperopoulos - Set Control: Default Trickery

TC21 Presentation - Make It Better: Tips for Better Dashboard Design


  1. Thank you for publishing this. I really enjoyed your class and content shared.

  2. Hey guys, I have a very random question about your presentation yesterday. I really liked the regex solution to adding commas into your numbers, I was wondering if you had something similar for dynamic formatting of large numbers? We have swings from K, to M, to B frequently depending on the time frame someone is filtering for, and right now I just use a ridiculously long If Then.
    Davis Ward

    1. Try one of these methods: 1) or 2)


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